What is this Local Directory?

22July 2019

It’s been a month since we started to create this community directory for local businesses in Penang. During this time the challenge is to explain to the local folks what is a local directory.

In Malaysia, we are not used to searching for services online whenever we need something done. We usually rely on word of mouth. Which is fine, if you have friends who know all the businesses in Penang and who gives the best service at the best prices and what are the working hours, etc.

Obviously, not everyone has friends like that.

This was brought home to me personally in a dramatic way when I found that I had accidentally locked myself out of my bedroom with no way of getting back in. I needed to access my bedroom urgently so what was I to do?

I called up a few friends whom I though would know some locksmiths who make house call. Nobody knew one. Well, let’s try googling then. The result was surprising. Very scanty information and most of them are located in KL. Imagine getting a KL locksmith to make a housecall in Penang.

I eventually found one after some more frantic calls.

So that led me to think about creating a local directory of services which the locals (or for that matter, anyone who is in need of services in Penang) can refer to.

And that’s the genesis of this website.

It’s free for all businesses to list.

Initially, we are adding businesses which are either recommended to us or those we have had dealings with in the past. Eventually we will cover as broad a spectrum of services as we think people might want to search for.

There are options for those businesses who want to take advantage of this platform to advertise. You can see that in the pricing page (click on the menu selection on the top) or just call us.

Oh, and one thing I learned from the locksmith experience: People get locked out of their house, car, balcony and – unbelievably, bathrooms – all the time.

Next time something like that happen to you, check us out!

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